…and into the studio we go

My songwriting efforts have evolved into an album project (rough demos on shmowkwow) and just this weekend I was able to “go into the studio” for the first time. So exciting! Nothing against Vortex studios and the other prosumer mixing environments (Cheeses of the World, Oakland Mind Control Laboratory) that I have known but this was the for-real “engineer on the other side of the glass telling you to punch something in” experience and I am so here for it.

three long haired kings, one with guitar, one with ukulele

To get a feel for working together, my producer (David Gans) and engineer (Jeremy Goody) suggested we get some basic recording done for a new song I’ve been writing, “The Long Haired Kings.” We ended spending the whole session working on that and came out with a nice clean demo. Not bad for a day’s work! Making this album will likely take about a year or two, given all of our schedules, but I’m super excited about taking this first step!



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  1. Steve Portigal Avatar

    @xian also that link just gives me HTML?

  2. xian Avatar

    @xian@mediajunkie.com Because my collaborators share my ethos of open and transparent creation and sharing of unfinished work, here is a rough mix of the song we recorded last weekend: https://soundcloud.com/layersofmeta/the-long-haired-king-rough-mix-work-in-progress