Swim-two-birds logo ideas

As part of my songwriting trip I established a music publishing company for publishing my songs and managing that side of their rights (I also signed up with BMI for the songwriter side of the equation, and included my alias, Crispy Bacon).

The company is called At Swim-Two-Birds Music in full but generally I just refer to it as At Swim-Two-Birds and what with eventual confusion over “at” vs “@” I imagine sandinfg it down to just Swim-Two-Birds in casual speech.

So I stated fiddling with some logo type and logo mark ideas without getting anywhere too great.

various treatments of @s2b with type and sometimes a musical notes emoji

I played with spelling it all out too, again, but I’m not a brand identity designer and will eventually hire one, thrust my doodles in their hands, and then “art direct” as an only somewhat annoying client till I get what I need:

Anyhow, I recently put up a bare-bones website for the company, and most recently I tried prompting a few of the current free GenAI plagiarism machines to come up with some motifs for a possible logo mark and maybe even eventually a favicon (although it’s hard to get it down to something iconic, with my current prompting chops).

Here are the keepers so far:

Feedback on direction is welcome!



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