Twice in an orange moon

We got back into Goody Sound studio a second time this month and got a lot work done on six of the twelve songs for my album. For one (“Saint Lucifer”) we just tweaked a bass note or something so no real update to share there.

As always these “Pleasant Valley Sessions” are produced by David Gans and Jeremy Goody at Goody Sound , with Goody engineering.

The Long Haired Kings

Back in February a year ago I went into the studio for the first time and recorded a song I had just written and started arranging. Fast forward to a year and a half later and by then I wanted to tweak a few of the lyrics which had evolved a bit since that first session. We decided that I am singing a lot better now and so I recut the whole lead vocal. (We also tweaked the intro a bit and the ending.)

This song has Gans on guitar and backing vocals, Javier Navarrette on percussion, and myself on ukulele and vocals (rough mix, work in progress):

Giving Zoo Wolves Lessons in Music

We had the idea to double-track my vocals on “Zoo Wolves” and once again ended up deciding to recut them from scratch. We triple-tracked some of the choruses too. I’m liking the effect!

Music recorded live in studio with David Gans on guitar, Robert Wade on bass, and myself on electric ukulele:


We also decided I could deliver a better lead vocal on “Moses” from scratch so we recut that too. This one has David Gans on guitar and Dan Brodnitz on piano:

Carnegie Hill

For “Carnegie Hill” there was a little uke embellishment I wanted to add to the ever-expanding chorus, and then David a sweet harmony guitar line to that:

Some Other Time

And I tweaked the lyrics in the first part of the final chorus and added a ukulele solo to the instrumental break of “Some Other Time.”

This one has Robert Wade on guitar and backing vocals, Bill Cassel on bass and backing vocals, Dan Brodnitz on keyboard and backing vocals, and myself on lead vocals and electric uke: