Category: Songs for Beginners

  • Some other version

    Some other version

    OK, got a new version of this new song ready to share:

  • Some of the time…

    Some of the time…

    I’ve got two recording sessions coming up by the end of the month on the album project, and another at the end of July, so that’s moving as fast as it can, but “can’t stop won’t stop” when it comes to the wooosh of songwriting, so after Ghost Door has come an interesting melody that…

  • Trust the wooosh

    Trust the wooosh

    Not sure why but I still seem to have beginner’s mind when it comes to writing songs and even having a set of ten that I feel are ready for my first album has not shut down the ongoing process of discovering and writing songs, with this newest work in progress coming over the weekend:

  • Second one in the can

    Second one in the can

    Went back to Megasonic Sound yesterday to record basic tracks for a second song for my album and came out with another rough mix that’s making me smile.

  • Long Haired Kings (rough mix)

    Long Haired Kings (rough mix)

    Rough mix of new song, The Long Haired Kings

  • …and into the studio we go

    …and into the studio we go

    Got a rough demo in the can already!