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  • Do these people even read what they write?

    This was in a letter from my credit-card company: “So that you have no surprises, know that your APR’s, fees and other terms can change at any time.” –I guess they mean no surprising surprises.

  • Happy Rosh Hashana! L’Shana Tovah! Happy New Year!

    May your name be inscribed for good in the Book of Life! I understand there is another New Year, celebrated on January 1, but I think we need all the New Years we can get. The Jews actually have two. One is the start of the first month of the Jewish Calendar, in the Spring, […]

  • Terrorism and Appalling Taste

    “After Mr. Qaddafi’s renunciation of terrorism and his agreement to end programs to develop unconventional weapons, the United States last year removed Libya from its list of state sponsors of terrorism.”

  • Deadline Approaches. Bush Unconcerned.

    “President George W. Bush and his Democratic foes…fire the opening shots in a long-brewing clash likely to seal the fate of US war strategy….set[ting] the stage for Bush’s critical progress report,…due by September 15.” AFP DKo: So, why is Bush so unconcerned about this deadline bearing down? The answer, say confidants, is he plans to […]

  • The Ticking Time Bomb

    “They would put people naked for up to 40 days in cells where they were deprived of any kind of light.” “History Will Not Absolve Us,” Nat Hentoff, the Village Voice, August 28th, 2007 DKo: Why does it go on and on? For one thing, they frighten us with stories of the “ticking time bomb.” […]

  • Concerning Vampires

    From the promo for a play I’m going to see, “DRACULA,” Bram Stoker, “We think you’ll find it nothing less than epic…” I can believe it. There certainly must be something fundamental about the Vampire. There’s not much that competes with it for perpetual fascination. There used to be the gunfighter; I remember watching 15-20 […]