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  • The Straitjacket of Socialism

    It would be mighty convenient if everybody put the “Printer Friendly” button in the same place on their Web pages. But that’s exactly what the communists would do!

  • Lawful Combatants, but not POWs

    US changes status of 14 detainees, AP, 8/10/07 “…Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Commander Chito Peppler said the proceedings….do not distinguish between lawful and unlawful combatants.” DKo: So, we took lawful combatants prisoner in the War in Afghanistan and they were not Prisoners of War. –Probably a bunch of unpaid parking tickets.

  • Etiquette Tip: Belated Birthday or Holiday Cards

    Sometimes you just don’t manage to get all your cards out on time. Nevertheless, you don’t want to appear rude. So here’s an easy etiquette tip that solves the problem. Write at the top on the front of the card: I can’t understand why this is just now reaching you! I mailed it weeks ago.

  • Shiite Insurgents. Shiite Insurgents!

    “Shiite Insurgents.” The Bush administration has been rolling this surprising combination out in recent weeks. I think we’ll be hearing more of it. For years, “Insurgents” has meant Sunnis, because they are trying to bring down the government. Shiite fighters, have been “Militants,” and “Extremists,” but they haven’t been “Insurgents.” Whom would they be insurgent […]

  • Seeing Strange Things

    Every so often I like to just stop and click over to the Ames Room for a moment, because it really helps undermine my perspective on things. It gets my vote for the greatest of all optical illusions. The two people you see are actually the same height. It’s just that someone has carefully constructed […]

  • FAQ in Windows Messenger Help: “Why can’t my contacts see my music?”

    One of the FAQs in the Windows Messenger Help is: “Why can’t my contacts see my music?” I think Microsoft was very gutsy even getting into this. Anyhow, this is the answer from Tech Support: “If some of your contacts can’t see your music, they have probably been dropping some really weak acid. “It might […]