The Julie/Julia book

Add The Julie Powell to the list (along with Salam Pax) of bloggers whose weblogs have landed them sweet book deals.
Congratulations to Julie for conceiving of her brilliant project and then – most importantly – executing it. So now, is the book going to just be a slightly edited rendition of the yearlong cooking project or is it some other kind of derivative work?



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8 responses to “The Julie/Julia book”

  1. Julia Reiss Avatar

    Agenda and Radio-Bissness of “Julia”
    in Germany and Nice, conected with “Springer

  2. Julia Reiss Avatar

    Thanks a lot, Radio “Freder-Free” of “Julia”!!!

  3. Freder Julia Avatar

    Hi, my nameis Julia Freder,
    I had wrote my name in the guestbookof Radio-Malongo, witch was part of
    I did not know, that there was a Radiostation,
    with the same name as mine, called “Julia”,
    or even “Freder”, just like my last Familiename!
    I feel very Sorry, that I had caused your
    Agenda/Radio-bussiness trouble with this.
    Love allways: Julia Freder of Radio Malongo/Nice

  4. Danella_Wienert Avatar

    This letter is concerning: “Agenda Freder and Agenda (Lilly)-LIZZ,
    with their Fransisko Xavier de Assis
    Sao George-Social-Parroquial
    of LISABON
    Pour ta mettre en coleur avec ta pate ORANGE en NICE:
    One of mynames is MARX-er. My Daddies name was FRED.
    We used to have a Pharm with lot

  5. Lilly Pommaux-Kirscheckies Avatar

    Hello again,
    My name is Danny Danukkesch da Danonies,
    mother of Lilly pommaux!
    tres conosid

  6. Kitty Genovesa Avatar

    The brown and green eyed Bowes, allways opening a new chapter of…
    Catkills, our house2 and an emptyCampingbus under the Pinetrees, across
    the street from our neighbors and…
    coming back to home Nr.1, somewhere close to Warwick!!!
    Little Jenny,myneighboors daughter, of an musician familie, with one green
    and brown eye asking meif I allready hadheared about the new
    “Adgar Allen Poe” record,
    >>>>>>>>>from EmersonLake and Palmers!
    13 years later, deathly sick in Swizz and France, somewhere in Annecy
    theyhad taken care of me in an hospital for 4 month.
    There was a nurse called Eugenia and I had a social assistand there, and
    he had a brown and green eye just like Jenny.
    2 months after he took care, so I can stay in that hospital, suddenly a lots
    of italiens came in, making fun of some swizen tourist by immitating
    there ways, and with them some portugies, that were something like
    with red airdragonflighter around that town, one surculating actually the
    top of the tippoint touwerroof from the church.