So Many Roads: The World in the Grateful Dead, A Conference & Symposium

From November 5-8, 2014, at San Jose State University, “So Many Roads” will bring together scholars, participants, and enthusiasts for a ground-breaking four-day international conference and symposium exploring the meaning and impact of the Grateful Dead phenomenon.

Christian will be chairing a panel at the conference on the morning of Thursday, November 6:

‘When Your Dreams Come True’:
History, Memoirs, and the Literary Grateful Dead.


  • David Browne, Rolling Stone: “Re-Estimating Prophets and Writing the Dead.”
  • Rhoney Stanley, Independent Scholar: “The Writing of Owsley and Me: My LSD Family: The Lessons of Collaboration.”
  • James D. McCallister, Independent Scholar: “Fellow Traveler: A Deadhead’s Literary Journey of Redemption.”

The conference represents the culmination of five decades of academic work on the Grateful Dead phenomenon, and demonstrates how scholarly understanding of the Grateful Dead leads to broader understanding of a host of associated literary, historical, artistic, and social contexts and issues.

So Many Roads will allow academics from a wide array of fields to show how they collaborate collegially and effectively, explaining the relevance of our work and demonstrating that the academy as not an ivory tower, but a resource for lifelong learning and cultural enrichment.


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