CloudOn on the iPhone

CloudOn launched ‘tablet first’, initially on the iPad and then on Android tablets. I joined the company in May of 2012 and one of my top priorities was to design and launch an phone (small-screen handheld form factor) version of CloudOn, after first validating the larger ecosystem and user experience (scenario) mapping.

We determined that the phone, as an always-with device, plays a crucial role in enabling continuity and high-leverage productivity by resolving hinge issues and capturing ideas and making corrections in real time, leading to less stress and anxiety from an ever-increasing backlog of tasks to do.

The process started with research, data, and lots of white board sketching. Our client engineers whipped up a proof of concept early in the process, and we tested our design ideas with prototypes of varying fidelity.

We launched the iPhone version of CloudOn around the end of 2012 (with the Android phone version following several month later), eventually taking 1/3 of iOS sessions.