I'm speaking on presence and reputation with Ted Nadeau at SxSW

meet_me_at_125x125.gifIf you’re interested in social web design, how to model identity, presence, and reputation, and how to create and align incentives with the behaviors you wish to encourage in your online community, then join Ted Nadeau and me for a Core Conversation on the topic of “Online Identity: And I *do* give a damn about my bad reputation” at South by Southwest interactive this March, in Austin, Texas (of course).
UPDATE: Alex Lee in the comments asked me when my talk is scheduled for. It’s on Tuesday, and I think it’s in the morning but not sure about. Will update with exact info when I have it.
UPDATE II: It seems that we will be doing our core conversation in a late slot (5pm) on the last day (Tuesday, March 11) of the interactive portion of the conference. I say if the conversation is good, let’s continue it into the evening over food and libations. Maybe we’ll even launch a startup over beer and barbecue.



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3 responses to “I'm speaking on presence and reputation with Ted Nadeau at SxSW”

  1. alex Lee Avatar

    Christian, do you have any details on where you’ll be or when you’ll be speaking. I need to plan my SXSW schedule.

  2. DaveTheShave Avatar

    On the subject of online identity and bad reputations, did you see what the SF Weekly did last week?
    It ran a story attempting to out an Wikipedia user. The author’s sister got dinged online at Wikipedia, so the author went on the rampage. You can get the background here:
    You’re take on this would be most interesting.

  3. Paul Terry Walhus Avatar

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