A Reader Writes…

I almost feel like I have to click on you, just in the hopes you can outscore ‘pornographers picks.’

My reply: Thanks, although I hope I can attract readers based on my content, too! I see I lost ground to the pornoblog over the weekend. Well, when you’re number four you try harder! I’m not antiporn, btw. I recommended the reverse cowgirl’s blog recently, and I’m fully aware that porn has been the killer app for every medium since cave painting. (Hmm, I typed “cave panting” there first time through. Cave pantsing?)
Speaking of which. I hear that Google displays current search terms in real time in their office lobby. I assume they have a cussword filter on that?
Free associating, I’m starting to notice Google searches for “Dreamweaver MX serial number hack” in my referrer log. (I directed that link to Matt Brown’s Dreamweaver Blog, per his request.) I guess if it’s not pr0n it’s warez
Maybe I should this blog’s name to Radio Free Live Nude Warez. I should ask JOHO if that will get me onto Daypop’s top 40. Noticed Ken had a piece on the return of aliens post 9/11 in the Sunday Chron. Good stuff. Apparently he has a book coming out about aliens. He sure uses this blog medium well. The (paid) newspaper item was good, but his blog is better, and it makes me want to read his book(s).
Do journalists make better bloggers than the average Joe or Josie? (Deliberate Bill Safire imitation—please don’t hit me.)
Back to that mail:

p.s. – Exians have anything to do with BOB?

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a subgenius, an illuminatus, or a follower of eris; nor an extropian…
What is the line from Repo Man? Something like this:
Harry Dean Stanton character: You’re not a communist, are you?
Otto: No way!
HDSc: I don’t allow no communists in my car… No Christians, neither…



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