Comments on Publication-Hosted Blogs

· Salon Bloggers, Weblog Concepts

You’ll come for the blogging insight; you’ll stay for the Buffy rumors. The beautifully designed site includes an interesting discussion in its weblog of this new trend of publications hosting blogspaces:

It doesn’t take a genius to gather what is happening in corporate world at the moment – weblogs are ‘in’ – they’ve finally stopped being fashionable, and so are suddenly now becoming acceptable to the mainstream. Your executive at suddenly thinks that weblogging is the heart of the internet – the web finally fulfilling its promise. And of course they’re right… But does understanding the importance of weblogs and weblogging correspond to understanding how an information publisher should relate to weblogs and weblogging? I would say no….

[via Blogpopuli]
metacomment: I have to make sure I don’t just turn this site into a crib of blogroots! I’ll do my best to send them some info they don’t have when possible.