Can the drummer get some?

New job and all, excuses excuses, still playing catch-up, so anyhow back in April I was back at Megasonic with product David Gans and engineer/co-producer Jeremy Goody with magnificent drummer John Hanes (who already added impeccable parts to “Saint Lucifer” and “Dirty Ol’ Sunshine”) in the house again, this this time to add a little more rock ‘n’ roll backbone to “Carnegie Hill” and “Some Other Time.”

Every time we add another layer to Carnegie it gets closer to the song I heard in my head writing it:

The art I generated shows schoolboys on a Central Park bench with a baggie

For whatever reason based on Soundcloud’s impenetrable recommendation engine, “Some Other Time” had a bit of a viral moment a while after I posted it, and eventually racked up over 1300 listens. Not bad for a “rough mix, work in progress”!

The art generated for this mix depicts someone “pouring one out for mankind” on a barren alien planet.