Now that we’ve lost…

· 2004 Election

Where do we go from here? How do we begin to reclaim secular democracy?
The most disheartening thing I’m hearing on all the networks is that “moral issues” rather than economic issues were the deciding factor. How can we possibly convince American voters – over the next decade or two, for it will surely take that long – that stealing money from poor people to give to rich people is a moral issue? How do we reclaim morality from Bible-thumping?

Looks like record turnout

· 2004 Election

According to McLehrer, Republicans are spinning that the high turnout today isn’t necessarily bad for them. Meanwhile, George and Laura Bush were making a statement and W. seemed to have a bit of a resigned air, like a man who’d taken his best shot and was about ready to retire.
Ray Suarez quotes the Republican handlers thusly:

“The president gave it everything he had. The president did what he had to do. Now it’s up to the voters.” … None of that overarching happy talk.

A pollster on the show had just mentioned that voters who dislike both candidates are breaking for Kerry. “Better the devil we don’t know,” was how he put it.
Fingers crossed.

Voting for change

· 2004 Election

I dragged my wheezy lungs up to the school on the hill to cast my ballot. I’ve never missed an election and I always think it’s important to vote, but even in this decidedly non-swing state (California) I felt like my vote counted more than ever this time.
The poll workers told me they had a huge turnout in the early morning before-work hours. Here in California where we know we aren’t deciding the election ourselves, people still feel an urgent need to stand up and be counted this time around.
I hope everyone reading this votes, regardless of your political leanings. The more involvement we have the better for our democracy.
I may have mentioned this already, but my cohorts and I at Personal Democracy Forum will be blogging the election all day, looking for the online / technology / wired angle.

Enjoy it

· 2004 Election

I was listening to Air America on the way to work and Al Franken and company were singing a lopsided song oompah song “bring a book, bring a book, when you go to vote” and it was so sweet and I thought “this is what it sounds like to win.”
At our east bay (CA) polling site, everyone was commenting on how this was the first time any of us have seen more than a 2-minute line in the 9 am shift.
It was a nice 20-25 minute wait. I know this is small compared to the waits we’re hearing about in battleground states. But we savored our little line. We waited for years to wait in this line. The air is fantastic today.