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  • Perpetual Prototype

    Perpetual Prototype

    Neil MacDonald reviews Designing Social Interfaces at his site Perpetual Prototype: An Information Architecture Blog, writing If you are considering designing a site with social features, this book is a must read.

  • Passing Thoughts from 2010-01-14

    designing # designing with a glass of red wine # Boot and Shoe Service on #Yelp: Wanted to try the new restaurant and see Pandora at the Grand Lake. Couldn't get in … # making far-from-pixel-perfect mockups # This is how I do this # Powered by Twitter Tools

  • Passing Thoughts from 2010-01-13 so far i've just perused the workshops and they look fantastic # aw man, too many great sessions to choose from: # Passing Thoughts from 2010-01-12 # Powered by Twitter Tools

  • Passing Thoughts from 2010-01-12

    a new lazarus, i have cast off my boot and crutches # RT @inkblurt @louisrosenfeld @ferrarajc New Ning community exploring the intersection of #gamedesign and #ux: # RT @staciehibino: Awesome job by @nancyf on "Keys to Success as a Volunteer Organization" #baychi # reid is to lott as insensitively blunt political handicapping is […]

  • Certification of live birth

    Turns out I was born in Kenya too!

  • BT intent on his monitor

    BT intent, originally uploaded by xian. A snapshot of the evening entertainment last night at Yahoo! for the kickoff of the iPhoneDevCamp 3.