Yahoo 247

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The other day I was talking to someone about Steve Rubel’s great Micro Persuasion weblog and the energy and enthusiasm he demonstrates as he avidly filters key blog news and posts about whatever he cares about (note to self: add his headlines to the list of feeds down the right side…).

Anyway, I just scored a Yahoo! 360 invite and I’ll echo Steve since he’s doing all the original thinking these days (Trying Out Yahoo! 360):

Today I received an invite to try out Yahoo! 360 – Yahoo’s new
blog/social networking platform. I will play in the sandbox tonight and
post some thoughts. If you have specific questions, please leave a
comment on this post.

First impressions are that it’s a pretty good draft of tying together Yahoo’s latent social-network tools and the blogging interface is “not bad.”

Rex Hammock is not blogging SXSW

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But he is pointing to people sitting near him who are. I’m in the Blogging Showdown session that hasn’t commenced yet, where we’ll get to hear some of the leading lights of nanopublishing comparing their products and maybe even confessing to some of the warts therein. If not, I’m sure the audience will hold their feet to the fire.

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MT 3 stalling on rebuild

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I upgraded most of the sites I publish or host to Movable Type 3.15 a few weeks ago and for the most part the transition was fairly painless, but for some reason the Edgewise blog gives me trouble when I try to rebuild older pages.
That is, new posts go up as they should, but any attempt to rebuild the site to push design changes through stalls out. The little pop up window says it’s working on the first 1-40 individual entries and then it hangs and never updates.
I’m not the only person having this problem. I posted about it on the MT Community Forum and someone responded to say that he or she was having the same problem. Oddly, it’s just that one blog, though, and I have no idea what’s causing it.
No one has answered my plea on the forum, which is why I’m putting this out here more publicly.
Ultimately, I may export the blog, recreate it and re-import it, but I’d rather not go to all that trouble, especially if that wouldn’t solve the problem.
I don’t think it’s my biggest blog, in terms of number of entries, by the way. I’m pretty sure that would be this one, which seems to rebuild just fine.