BarCamp virgin here – be gentle

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Two years after the first BarCamp (an ad hoc unconference formed initially in response to O’Reilly’s Foo Camp, I’m finally planning to make it to one, this weekend’s BarCampBlock, headquartered at SocialText’s offices in Palo Alto.
According to what I just jotted on the Sessions page on the wiki, I’ve just volunteered to lead or participate in discussions about portable social networks, identity, design patterns, particularly social-media related design patterns, and the gift economy.
I don’t know if I’m qualified to talk about all of those things but when has that ever stopped me before?
Since the moment that Liz Henry and Tara Hunt tipped me off to this event, I’ve had the feeling that this was an important one not to miss. So soon after my wedding and honeymoon and with a rapidly filling-up fall conference schedule, I could have been tempted to let this one slide by, but I have a strong intuition that many of the people I consider friends, heroes, and inspirations will be there and that I’d be kicking myself if I let another Bay Area BarCamp go by without joining in on the fun.
I’ll blog from there if I can find the time between no-spectatorin’ and schmoozin’ and gettin’ things done.

Podcast of my SXSW panel now live

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If you missed Every Breath You Take: Identity, Attention, Privacy, and Reputation last March at South By here’s your chance to hear me, Ted Nadeau, Kaliya Hamlin, Mary Hodder, and George Kelly take on these topics, very early one Sunday morning after an untimely daylight savings change and, for many people, a night of carousing and drinking free drinks sponsored by startups and web behemoths.

My slides from SxSW

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These slides are only minutely useful as they are nearly all images without any notes or bullet points. When the podcast comes out I will work on synchronizing my remarks with the slides.
I’ll be posting Ted Nadeau’s slides next. His were much more content rich.

**Update:** Here are Ted’s slides:

SXSW namedropping, day five

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Last day of interactive. Laughingsquid party at Ginger Man by far the best of the whole session.
* [Laura Moncur](
* [Michael Moncur](
* [Michael Sippey](
* [Christina Wodtke](
* [Scott Allen](
* [Gordon Luk](
* [Justin Hall](
* [Ernie Hsieng](
* [Kevin Cheng](
* [Min Jung Kim](
* [Jason Hoffman](
* [Jenifer Hanen](
* [Tantek Çelik](
* [Heather Schlegel](
* [Matt Mullenweg](
* [Nicole Lee](
* [Glenda Bautista](
* [Scott Beale](
* [Eric Steuer](
* [Gabe Rivera](
* [Violet Blue](
* [Phil Torrone](
* [Silona Bonewald](
* [Rex Sorgatz](
* [Chuck Olsen](
* [Raines Cohen](
* [Colin Brumelle](
* [someone from Project Opus who doesn’t have a name on their business card](
* [Brian Oberkirch](
* [Tara Hunt](
* [Tony Pierce](
* [Hugh McLeod](
* forgot from BarTab, Monday night, [Gino Zahnd ](

SXSW namedropping, day four

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last night was insane. at some point i should write about some panels. Leisa Reichelt is a sweetheart.
* [Renee Blodgett](
* [Kristy Duncan](
* [Kevin Smokler](
* [Micah Alpern](
* [Luke Wroblewski](
* [Liz Henry](
* [Evan Prodromou](
* [Rob Condit](
* [Nancy Scola](
* [Liza Sabater](
* [Will Giese](
* [Liz Danzico](
* [Robert Hoekman](
* [Chris Fahey](
* [Cyndi Fling](
* [Jeremy Hubert](
* [Molly Steenson](
* [George Oates](
* [Ben Cerveny](
* [Richard Pope](
* [Leisa Reichelt](
* I know for sure I’m forgetting people I met at SxNW and earlier – if we met and I forgot to list you, let me know and I’ll fix! … also, earlier but forgot to mention:
* [Brian Fling](, after his presentation, sunday or saturday
* [Jory Des Jardins](, actually Friday at the airport but I spaced

SXSW namedropping, day three

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I must be getting old (duh) since by then end of a half-hour fascinating conversation I no longer remember the name of the person I just met and it’s too dark and rainy to discreetly look at their badge to refresh my decaying braincells, so apologies in advance to very cool people (you know who you are, even if I don’t) who I haven’t captured on my stupid list:
* [Sooz](
* [Brian Fitzgerald](
* [Liz E. Burr](
* [Molly Holzschlag](
* [Steve Champeon](
* [Tikva Morowati](
* [Rashmi Sinha](
* [Ryan King](
* [Jason Shellen](
* [Thomas Vander Wal](
* [Jeremy Keith](
* damn forgetting names of very cool people i met and talked to for, like, minutes on end!
* [Rob Pongsajapan](
* [Don Turnbull](
* rain definitely dampened meetingses
* Derek Powazek
* Heather Champ
Also, didn’t meet but very much enjoyed the stand-up comedy slash storytelling stylings of [Todd Levin]( at Fray Café.